Friday, January 15, 2016

Mahjong Towers Touch HD - My personal review

Mahjong Towers Touch HD - My personal review
By Big Fish Games

This is the icon.

Many tile layouts per section.
Here you see I have completed three layouts, they have the stars.
You cannot jump layouts, you have to unlock one at a time.

You get this once you clear your screen.
My score was X2 three times.
Lose a X2 for shuffling. (twice)
Lose a X2 for using UNDO.

Here I used one shuffle, so my score was a X2 twice.
Notice the two stars instead of three stars.

This is the standard layout I remember always playing years ago.

Here I am trying to get past that 2nd last layout from RAT level.
Would really like to just try out that next layout.

Another Layout.
This is one layout I like.

Another Layout

Another Layout
This one is with a different tile set.

There is an option to change the tile set and shut off music.

What I like about this game is:
- I like the standard delivered tile set.
- I like the the clarity of the tiles and stacks below.
- Very easy to use right from the get-go.
- I enjoyed unlocking layouts after layouts on Rat level.

What I don't like about this game is:
- I would like to pick any layout right from the start.
- I got stuck on the 2nd from last layout at RAT level. I wanted to skip on.
and try out the next layout and get to the next level.
- Was disappointing that you could not earn your way past RAT level.
- Can't try OX or any other unless I buy the full game, which I have no intention of doing.

I not sure how long I will keep the game.
I would rather have a constant ads at the top/bottom of the screen
than having not being able to earn next content without spending $$.

Some people play games to kill time, some people play because they like to earn within the game, and some both.

Sometimes I want to go in, pick an easy layout and be done right from the get go. If this is you, choose another App.

Sometimes I want to go in, knowing I want to have to satisfaction of advancing/unlocking, you get this with this game.

I have been going in and just picking the layout I want to play from within this RAT level. So this keeps me going for a bit without the need to buy. - And I wont buy.

But I would rather just find a game where all the layouts are accessible, whether it be from earning them in one way or another or just right away. If I find this. It will be my go-to Mahjong game.

If I wasn't too cheap to buy the game, this might be my go-to game. I LIKE it.