Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mahjong DF - My personal review

Mahjong DF - My personal review

By EnsenaSoft

This is the icon.

This is the opening screen.

There are four sets of layouts to select from.

I would rather see that layout of the next game rather than just a number as you see here.

Game is nice looking.

Once game is complete, you see this.
Number of stars is related to use of shuffle (maybe undoo, maybe time)
Will play a few times to verify.

Tapping on this takes you out of the app to a web page.
Don't tap on it



What I like about this game is:
- Easy to play
What I don't like about this game is:
- Game blares music right away, and no options available on entry to game.
- Options are not available until you pause a game.
- Animation to load all the tiles each game takes TOOOOO long.
- Tiles are too bright making it hard on the eyes, there is no option to change tiles.

Final Thought: Game deleted, don't like it.