Thursday, December 10, 2015

Soduko - Getting back into it (Part 3)

I have so far tried two FREE Sudoko Apps on the iPad.

Sudoku Free HD

This is what the screen looks like

What I really like and the reason I chose this App is because of the dual number pad.
Also ability to put in notes, yet I expect all soduko apps would have this.
The clarity of the screen is important for me as well.
I like a clean screen.

This is the screen that comes up when you complete the puzzle correctly.

Completing the puzzle incorrectly, the APP does nothing but wait for you to do another action.
I would prefer a little feedback to indicate puzzle filled unsuccessful, but I guess they don't know if you are done or would rather figure that out yourself.

If you closed the app, stopped playing or got the end unsuccessfully. This screen appears upon re-opening the APP.

If you choose to continue the time will continue from where you left off.
If you choose start over the time will ALSO continue from where you left off.
I would prefer that it started over at 0:00 when I start over so I can see how long it takes to do that puzzle.
I would have expected if you say continue time contines, if you say start over it starts the time and puzzle over.
Once you start a puzzle, I never figured out a way to do a completely different puzzle, so you always have to get through the one you are working on, or worked on last.

What I don't like about this is you cannot re-do puzzles you already done.
I am not one who would remember a puzzle I already did, so I would get more play on this if you can just redo the puzzles at a later date.
I have no interest in buying additional puzzles.
Maybe when I am done I will uninstall it and re-install it to start over
This version does not let you do that.

You can get the version I tried above here