Monday, September 30, 2013

LISTING of YOPA Prize Pack Giveaways - CANADA ONLY

I see there's some new YOPA Prize Packs.

Will Capture them all here as I see them.

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The Deliberate Mom - End Date 13-Oct
Carol Au Courant - End Date 13-Oct
Create With Mom - End Date 14-Oct
Mamam Pomme -15-Oct
Creative Mama On A Dime - End Date 15-Oct
Food and Whine - End Date 16-Oct
Meet The Dubiens -16-Oct
Moms and Munchkins - End Date 16-Oct
Being Gluten Free - End Date 17-Oct
Mom vs. The Boys - End Date 17-Oct
Mary About Town -17-Oct
Milk and Coco - End Date 17-Oct
Delish in a Dish - End Date 17-Oct
She The Blog -17-Oct
A Mother World - End Date 17-Oct
Family Food and Travel - End Date 18-Oct
MBA Mama Musings -18-Oct
The Kitchen Magpie -18-Oct
Country Mouse City Mouse - End Date 18-Oct
Chocolate and Chillies - End Date 19-Oct
Lou Lous Views - End Date 19-Oct
Curtains are Open - End Date 19-Oct
La Cusine Helene - End Date 19-Oct
Ninja Mommers - End Date 19-Oct
Our Family Stone - End Date 19-Oct
3 Chickens and a Boat - End Date 19-Oct
Little Miss Mama - End Date 19-Oct
A Sweet Baker - End Date 19-Oct
Whispered Inspirations -19-Oct
Cubit's Organic Living -19-Oct
MMM is for Mommy - End Date 20-Oct
Swank Mama -20-Oct
Sober Julie -25-Oct
Northern Exposure -29-Oct