Saturday, January 12, 2013

Skim Milk Comparisons - Nutritional Information (Ontario)

TruTaste Milk was on special this week, so I bought all this week's milk TruTaste.

Then at home we compared the label to TruTaste Skim - Neilson to Sealtest Skim -- We found the TruTaste as 5mg Cholesterol, and the Sealtest Skim had zero Cholesterol.

My Automatic Thought TruTaste has Cholesterol and Reg does not... (But that was a WRONG THOUGHT)

Wasn't at that time thinking Sealtest vs. Neilson, was thinking TruTaste vs. Regular Skim.

When Going to post this, I see that Both Neilson's regular skim and TruTaste Skim both have 5mg Cholesterol. And that Sealtest Regular Skim milk has ZERO Cholesterol.

AND look at Sealtest Skim Milk
Notice ZERO Cholesterol - compared to both Neilson's milks above